Here We Go Again!


Here we go again!

Being the Project Manager for The Wellbeing Project is one of the most fulfilling and challenging  jobs I’ve ever had. It seems like each month brings a new challenge to overcome, a new skill to learn, or a new collaborator to engage with. After a busy year so far, this fall we go back to where this all started: data collection. There is no Wellbeing Index without good, strong data that has “signal value.” This is something we learned during the creation of the first Wellbeing Index- there is a lot of data out there, particularly inside city departments, but all data isn’t equal- what we needed was data that could be turned into information.

So how do we find the signal value data for the Wellbeing Index? First, we define what we need information about- that’s what our wellbeing framework was created to do. We’ll use the same framework this year because the dimensions we developed in the creation of our community Wellbeing Index are based in science and research about the drivers and detractors of wellbeing, and those things don’t change. Next up, we go on a search for data. This means I start calling each of our 67 divisions in City government, reach out to non-profits for data, and assist our research teams with identifying alternative data sources that help fill in some of the nuances of living in Santa Monica. Meanwhile the teams at RAND and nef are gearing up analyze the 3900 responses to our wellbeing survey (which is available on request – just email me!), we have teams from USC and from RAND beginning two projects featuring analysis of social data, and finally all of the data we collect will be put in conversation with each other to generate the findings of our second Santa Monica Wellbeing Index.


It’s a busy time, but it’s exciting- can’t wait to share what we find out!!!

 - Lisa 

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